Linus is a revolutionary new resource designed to support and enhance private music education.

We believe there is no substitute for the personalized instruction you offer to your students.

Maybe we’re biased. We’re private music teachers ourselves.

We’ve designed Linus to enhance what you do, to help you move your students to the next level, and seamlessly integrate with the curriculum and methodology you already use in your studio.

Linus provides teachers with an online customizable bank of music theory concepts that can be assigned to individual students.  

Create unlimited theory assignments for individual students.

Address specific concepts that each student is learning

Track student progress from week to week

Save valuable lesson time by enabling students to review concepts at home

And the best part...

Linus is free for teachers.  Students pay a yearly subscription fee, comparable to what their printed theory book is already costing them.  

Meet Linus.

He’s your new assistant instructor and is here to help you reinforce music theory with your students in a smart, fun, and interactive way. Students have their own profile and can log on at home and see what you've assigned them.  

Linus is there to make the process fun!

Students can work through their assignments on vacation, at grandma’s house, or while waiting at the dentist.

Ready to start using Linus?

How does Linus work?

Teachers create individual profiles for each of their students. Teachers then create weekly, customized theory assignments (pulling from a bank of pre-written questions and concepts) and add them to the student’s profile. Students log on at home, see what they’ve assigned, and then work through the assignments during the week. Teachers can track each student’s progress — see how many times they tried the assignment, see scores, see how long it took — and know how to best support the student’s music theory learning.

How much does Linus cost?

Linus is free for teachers. Students pay a small yearly subscription fee, comparable to what their printed theory book is already costing them.

Can all my students use it?

Yes! The material in the Linus theory bank is suitable for all ages and many skill levels.   As the teacher, you’ll set the parameters for what your student sees, so you don’t need to worry about beginner students being overwhelmed by material they don’t understand.

I teach multiple instruments.  Will this work for all of them?

Yes! The bank of concepts and questions covers many aspects of general music theory that are applicable to any type of musician. There are also several instrument-specific options, covering things like guitar tablature, the keys of the piano, and drum notation.

When can I start using Linus?

Linus is currently in beta and we are allowing a limited number of new users each month. Enter your email here to add your studio to our sign up list and stay informed on all the important release information.